September 28, 2010

Time to move again!

It seams the local bigshot Majesta Empire has decided to terminate our alliance's contract with them and is evicting us. If you didn't know around last week ME had a change up in alliance leadership and kicked nearly all of it's English speaking members to get back to its German roots. Being a nearly entirely English speaking alliance we felt the axe hovering above us since the change happened. [.UP.]'s official stance at this time is to leave peacefully and not burn any bridges in case our travels take us out that way again.

Once I heard this I bought all the GSC I needed before everyone else snatched them up and in 15 min I'm uprooted again and ready to move. I could sit here and complain about moving again or something like that but to be honest I'm excited to see where our next adventure will be.

In one of my previous posts here I talked about my thoughts on crew survival. On a continuation in the subject Greenbead form Freebooted revised his thoughts and even mentioned my ideas. It feels good to start to get into these interblog conversations that I used to only read about. Weather its from reading my ideas here or just the comment I left over there its still nice to see that I'm making some headway in getting my voice out there.
Space is a dangerous place,
Stay frosty.


  1. That's the spirit! Every setback is only the opportunity for further advancement in a new direction.