September 21, 2010

Operational Report #001

Location: Lonetrek>Mito>Otsasai>Planet 8>Moon 16

Time: Aprox 23:00gmt 9/20/10

Reason: To establish a logistical beach head in a lowsec system for capital ships and Jump Freighters.

Comments: We moved a mixed fleet of battleships, logistics, and other assorted ships to take down a small POS owned by a one man corporation to provide a save cyno point for capital and JF pilots. The fleet left A8A with a mixed race fleet including close range battleships and a logistics squad consisting of 3 Guardians and 2 Onerios. En-rout to the site our fleet met up with a bomber fleet who was in the area and was willing to help out. Upon ariaval at the target the fleet made timely work of the off-lined POS shields. The armor, previously damaged in a non-official action, was quickly dispatched and the structure soon followed. As we entered structure 2 neuts showed up on grid at approx. 400km from the fleet. As the structure was being finished off a fleet of neuts comprised of 2 vagas, 2 Drakes, a Stabber Fleet Issue, and 2 Huricanes (At this time numbers are unsure due to a lack of kill mails) engaged drifters and stragglers of the fleet. the neuts engaged and killed 3 bombers, and one bomber warped to a gate with a GCC. Mid way through the engagement a fleet of 3 blues not in coordination with the fleet arrived on grid and were targeted by the neuts. The logistics quickly saved the unafiliated Arazu and Hurricane and were able as a group to kill 1 Vaga, 1 Hurricane, 2 Drakes and the Stabber Fleet Issue. As the new Medium POS was deployed the neuts dispersed.

Operational Status: Success

Edit: As a corp our kills were Drake, Hurricane, Stabber Fleet Issue

The fleet was a lot of fun. Congratz to Marcus Ratz for a smashing success. My role in the fleet was logi in my Onerios. while this was happening I was playing around with PI on my indy alt. Hopefully soon he will be able to start providing much more income.

Space is a dangerous place,
Stay Frosty

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