October 5, 2010

Mini post #2

The one two punch of getting moved out of A8A and a massive head cold leaves me with little to talk about. maybe later this week I will come back with an interview of someone from my corp or maybe another attempt at fiction. what would you like to see? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Space is a dangerous place,
Stay frosty.

September 29, 2010

Blog Banter 21: Is low-sec Ignored?

Welcome to the twenty-first installment of the
EVE Blog Banter, the monthly EVE Online blogging extravaganza created by CrazyKinux. The EVE Blog Banter involves an enthusiastic group of gaming bloggers, a common topic within the realm of EVE Online, and a week to post articles pertaining to the said topic. The resulting articles can either be short or quite extensive, either funny or dead serious, but are always a great fun to read! Any questions about the EVE Blog Banter should be directed to crazykinux@gmail.com. Check for other EVE Blog Banter articles at the bottom of this post!

This month topic comes to us from @ZoneGhost who a few month ago asked "Is Low Sec the forgotten part of EVE Online?" Is it? I'd like us to explore this even further. Is Low Sec being treated differently by CCP Games than Null Sec (Zero-Zero) or Empire space is? Can one successfully make a living in these unsecured systems where neither Alliance nor Concord roam to enforce their laws? What's needed? Or is everything fine as it is?


Low sec isn't ignored, it just cant be improved (much), let me explain. High sec is like the wild west. If you kill someone the sheriff (concord) kills you. Don't like someone? grease the right palms and the sheriff will look the other way while you kick the crap outta them (war dec).

Nul sec is like the huge criminal cartels, venture in their space you get killed, large bloody battles over turf, billions of dollars in infrastructure and a few people at the top getting insanely rich. we conduct our business and kill as many as we like but are free to move in policed areas freely (high sec).

Low sec is like a third world war country. Bands of thugs (no offense my yaring friends) roam the land and not he who is most fortified but who has the more guns at the moment wins. there is only the kill in low sec and they accost innocents at any chance.

What happens if we make low sec more profitable? The wrong things. it may temp a few more carebears from empire to quickly get their noses smacked and sent back to empire. whats more likely is that the large cartels in null sec will see the opportunity for profit and will move in to take those resources. Right now low sec is doing exactly what its supposed to be, a cross roads.

tl:dr the only way to get care bears into low sec is to make it worth it, but the price to get it to be that worth it would probably just bring in the 0.0 empires.

September 28, 2010

Time to move again!

It seams the local bigshot Majesta Empire has decided to terminate our alliance's contract with them and is evicting us. If you didn't know around last week ME had a change up in alliance leadership and kicked nearly all of it's English speaking members to get back to its German roots. Being a nearly entirely English speaking alliance we felt the axe hovering above us since the change happened. [.UP.]'s official stance at this time is to leave peacefully and not burn any bridges in case our travels take us out that way again.

Once I heard this I bought all the GSC I needed before everyone else snatched them up and in 15 min I'm uprooted again and ready to move. I could sit here and complain about moving again or something like that but to be honest I'm excited to see where our next adventure will be.

In one of my previous posts here I talked about my thoughts on crew survival. On a continuation in the subject Greenbead form Freebooted revised his thoughts and even mentioned my ideas. It feels good to start to get into these interblog conversations that I used to only read about. Weather its from reading my ideas here or just the comment I left over there its still nice to see that I'm making some headway in getting my voice out there.
Space is a dangerous place,
Stay frosty.

September 23, 2010

Little Post 1

Big thanks to CrazyKinux for adding me to the blogroll lovefest! Because of my choice of naming and the list being in alphabetical order it put me at the top of the list so I hopeIi can live up to that pressure! Just this little post for now as my prime days for playing this week are just around the corner so I will have more to share soon.

Space is a dangerous place,
Stay frosty.

September 21, 2010

Operational Report #001

Location: Lonetrek>Mito>Otsasai>Planet 8>Moon 16

Time: Aprox 23:00gmt 9/20/10

Reason: To establish a logistical beach head in a lowsec system for capital ships and Jump Freighters.

Comments: We moved a mixed fleet of battleships, logistics, and other assorted ships to take down a small POS owned by a one man corporation to provide a save cyno point for capital and JF pilots. The fleet left A8A with a mixed race fleet including close range battleships and a logistics squad consisting of 3 Guardians and 2 Onerios. En-rout to the site our fleet met up with a bomber fleet who was in the area and was willing to help out. Upon ariaval at the target the fleet made timely work of the off-lined POS shields. The armor, previously damaged in a non-official action, was quickly dispatched and the structure soon followed. As we entered structure 2 neuts showed up on grid at approx. 400km from the fleet. As the structure was being finished off a fleet of neuts comprised of 2 vagas, 2 Drakes, a Stabber Fleet Issue, and 2 Huricanes (At this time numbers are unsure due to a lack of kill mails) engaged drifters and stragglers of the fleet. the neuts engaged and killed 3 bombers, and one bomber warped to a gate with a GCC. Mid way through the engagement a fleet of 3 blues not in coordination with the fleet arrived on grid and were targeted by the neuts. The logistics quickly saved the unafiliated Arazu and Hurricane and were able as a group to kill 1 Vaga, 1 Hurricane, 2 Drakes and the Stabber Fleet Issue. As the new Medium POS was deployed the neuts dispersed.

Operational Status: Success

Edit: As a corp our kills were Drake, Hurricane, Stabber Fleet Issue

The fleet was a lot of fun. Congratz to Marcus Ratz for a smashing success. My role in the fleet was logi in my Onerios. while this was happening I was playing around with PI on my indy alt. Hopefully soon he will be able to start providing much more income.

Space is a dangerous place,
Stay Frosty

September 20, 2010


Its been a While since I have had so much to talk about!

First lets talk about the new ORE salvage ship the Noctis. I am extremely excited for this ship. With a 5% bonus to the cycle time to the salvager and the tractor beam and a 60% bonus to tractor range I'm already heavily interested in this ship but then they go and give it 1,640 m^3 standard cargo hold with 7 high slots and three low slots is just blowing my mind.

(I don't Ninja salvagers may not be as excited as I am due to the combat risks in their line of business, but as a null sec salvager/rig maker this is practically a wet dream. As soon as this ship hits Jita (I don't wana try and smuggle that outa outer ring) you can bet I will be at the front of the line with my pocket book open.


A trending topic on various blogs is the issue of a crew. It has all ways been my belief that your crew is jettisoned into the wreck container along with your dropped loot. When another ship opens the wreck container the crew is pulled aboard unharmed in kind of a Concord truce agreement. When you pick up NPC crews you turn them in to concord next time you dock up and get paid their bounty.


On the Lets-go-kill-things front I have drawn blood after my long absence even though it was a bit small. Sitting at the P3EN-E gate camp I was able to lock up this Rifter and hit him with my damps (yes I use damps) before he exploded. I had to log off for class and when I got back the camp was still going so i hoped in fleet and warped to the gate just in time to whore in on this kill. We sat around at the gate for a while as this guy threw his pod against us twice.

The next day the camp was quiet when we got a Manticore tackled in system and i tried to hit it with my Brutix (which honestly is like trying to kill a fly with a tire iron) but it was enough for me to earn my points.

Its safe to say that there are a lot of things going on (as usual I suppose) and I am very excited for things to come. It feels good to be back in the swing of things.

Space is a dangerous place,
Stay frosty.

September 14, 2010

Eve Time

Some times I wonder how much time other players or my corp mates spend in game. For some reason it feels like they spend days on end in the game grinding isk or running processes or what ever. Maybe its because I'm still trying to get back into the swing of things but I'm feeling hesitation towards making a move at any thing. Maybe I should just cheep fit a Brutix and maybe camp a gate, or maybe I will keep spinning my Dominix in station. Whats cabin fever feel like?


As far as skills go I decided I want to fly an Eos before I start training for a Curse. I don't know what it is about the Brutix hull but to me it just looks bad-ass. Also the idea of running bonuses is highly attractive as well.

Space is a dangerous place,
Stay frosty.

September 7, 2010

Fitting in

After my much to long hiatus I'm finding trouble getting back into the swing of things. Alliance ops are hard to attend when you forget how to correctly change the time, and even harder is a lack of ships. Buying ships is complicated by me not knowing which systems are secure and which have common hostiles. I feel like a noob in my own space.


My training for my ideal Lachesis is nearly done save for electronic superiority rigging and the III level for standard missile specialization and med hybrid rail specialization IV. I'm not to sure where I am going to take my training next. I would like to start cross training Amar but I think I may end up Getting T2 Galente battle cruisers first.

Space is a dangerous place.
Stay frosty

August 31, 2010

Im Back

Now that School has rolled around and I find myself with slightly more free time I have decided to cram it with something important, Internet spaceships! So if you find yourself out in Vale of the Silent, those sounds you hear might be me eating your hull ;-D

July 11, 2010

Hybernation sickness

Due to my work schedule and my being able to train long skills I have been next to absent in New Eden. In relative news, our corp had a parting of ways with SYS-K and Joined a younger alliance called On The Rocks (ICE). Based out of Vale of the Silent and Part of the NC, ICE is tasked with trying to keep the reds out of the region. Some times more than others though Voltron Holds the gateway system as often as we do.

In other news I was promoted to a corp director (finally) on top of my diplomatic duties as the "Night Shift Manager". In a few weeks when school rolls around again ill find my self with more time on my hands (and time to be inappropriately placed) to be more active in the "community".

My I finally got my younger brother interested in EVE and despite not being able to do much initially he seems eager and excited with each new cruiser or gun or mod he can use.

As far as as my skills go I have been doing the long training thing to finally get t2 rails, blasters, and standard missile launchers so that i can have my ideal fit for a lachisis. after that 40 or so days I'm contemplating training for the Thanatos, but who knows. As for sonofthesea has the 25ish skill training for mining barge 5 but what can you do?

Space is a dangerous place,
Stay Frosty.

May 15, 2010


Not a lot for me to write about except the fact that we have lost 4 corps so far with one handing a station to c0ven as they left. moved out to the new staging area but now with our alliance crippled I'm quite worried.

May 11, 2010

My oh my has the last week been busy! Finals week and an increase in hours at work conspired to limit my in game time to three or so hours before classes. I usually took my rifter to a safe off of the A1 gate and watch the dictors try and catch me (earning my rifter the name "Greased up deaf guy") one time I forgot to switch out out of my close range vexor and was able to scare off the dictor long enough to get back to station (the vexor earned the name "Fat Man" because of the terrible speed due to the huge amount of plate).


Sunday night I logged on and found out a huge fleet fight was about to start so I hopped int0 my fleet mega "Team Player" and got in position. The battle was great. I almost got caught in a bubble and got called primary a few times but was able to get some good kills. We were making good progress of the c0ven/se battleship fleet when Pandemic Legion swooped in.

**These are my opinions and do not reflect the stance or feelings of anyone else in SYS-K or .UP.**

I think PL is in on it. Killed a few c0ven to keep up appearances but PL/c0ven/SE all seem to be in the same bed. Do I want IT to come down and save us? No. But some help wouldn't hurt. What i would like to see most would be to see everyone pull together and kick the reds out with or without help.


My non-essential supplies are in the process of being moved out while all my ships are insured and even my lowly coveter is armed to the teeth (see: suicide undock clearing smart bomber). In Fountain we had to run because we didn't have the resources to fight. I don't want to run anymore. I can't. I won't. As one of my corp mates said, "I'm going to keep fighting even if all I can do is try and bump ships with my pod."

They wanted a fight. Were gona give them hell.

Space is a dangerous space,
Stay frosty.

May 8, 2010

A little History Ch.1

"Fleet jump jump." said the commander's voice in my head.

It still sent shivers down my spine. Despite having been out of the Caldari pod academy for six months i still wasn't used to having someone else think into my head. The thrill of the ship's controls exhilarated me and would continue to for many centuries after.

"Fleet warp to Darkbomb at 10km." Spoke the FC after a few minutes on the gate.

Another voice piped up, a female, and asked "What are our engagement rules?"

"If its not purple kill it, crew pods to." the FC said with an icy bite.

I aligned my Merlin towards Darkbomb and slipped into warp. My job was to point anything and everything I could so the res of the fleet could melt the enemy. As soon as I felt the warp bubble collapse I fired up my afterburner and locked up the closest ship I could. If i had to try and explain how a warp disruptor felt i would have to equate it to a tugging in your mind ans they try desperately to engage warp.

I knew something was wrong as soon as I had point. When pointing another capsuler it is like a tug-of-war with someone of similar strength, but with a standard ship it was like holding down a baby (not that i have ever held down a baby).

I immediately checked the ship's info.

"Sir, the ship I have point on are Galente civilians with no military or radical ties" I thought quickly into the fleet channel. "Permission to drop point?"

"Maintain point, yours ins secondary and will be neutralized momentarily." Thought back the FC.

"Sir these are civilians, they haven't done anything wrong!" I mentally shouted in to the channel.

"Not yet. But they will. You will hold point." chastised the FC.

"I wont. I can't. There is no profit worth the slaughter of the Innocent!" I said as i relaxed my hold on the civilian ship.

I felt the other ships locking computers like a light tingling all over my body. I didn't try to warp. I didn't even try to fight the ewar now assaulting my virtual seances. I felt my pod rocket out of what used to be my ship.


The door to my "cell" opened up. The stale air from outside was delicious compared to the stench of vomit, shit, and sour blood. In comparison to the darkness I had live in this last month the light from outside was blinding and total.

"Beat me again, I don't care. Kill me! I don't care!" I shouted through a mouthful of broken teeth.

"You want to save lives?" said a voice from behind the light.

"Save lives? No." I spat out along with a mouthful of blood.

The light from the hallway was starting to make me dizzy. Where my left arm used to be throbbed dully like the ghost of a limb. Had the cut it off or smashed it off? It didn't matter. All that existed was the cell, pain, and the disembodied voice in the light.

"What do you want?" spoke the voice from the light.

"Whats it to you, you bastard?" I said losing my cool. I didn't want to play games. I wanted to get the agony over with and return to the dark.

I felt a boot connect with the front of may face. My already broken facial bones howled and threatened to take me to unconsciousness. I hurt.

"I just want to fly." I gave up.

"That's the kind of answer i was looking for. They call me Yahrr and I happen to have a position available, that is if your interested." spoke the man as he came closer.

"If it gets me outta here and into a ship I'm in." I told Him.

He walked over and put something over my head and around my neck.

"Excellent. Now give me a call when you wake up." he said with a smile that made me uncomfortable.

Looking at him with confusion i asked, "Wake up? what do you me-"


I didn't Hear the pistol go off. I was sure I was dead for good. It took me a second to realize dead men can't think. I opened my eyes and tried to feel about. The clone tank opened and the attendant helped me to a nearby cot.

"Where am I?" I asked the attendant.

"Welcome to Galentian space sir. Everything is taken care of. You just relax for now and your boss will see you when your ready." he said with a slight galentian accent.

"It smells nice here." I mumbled.

I try to elaborate on that though but before I could sleep stole me away, Whole once again.

May 5, 2010

War & c0ven

For those of you who don't know (and so far my only subscriber is a corpmate), our alliance has been at war with the combined forces of Stain Empire and c0ven. Last night due to circumstances beyond my control (ie. girlfriend aggro) I logged on late to the CTA and missed the titan bridge. Because this I was able to just sit and listen to vent and the battle. Let me make my self clear that I have total respect to all of our FCs so I'm not going to bash anyone. At one point we had a break down in the chain of command and due to the FC being popped (not going to name our FCs for all the spis!) the main fleet was with out orders. It turned out just as you would expect it to.

On top of that the day before an expensive Pandemic Legion gang happened upon 4 dreads seiging on a c0ven POS. The battle went poorly and to be honest my moral was kinda low when I went to bed last night.

This morning over my breakfast of pancakes I brought up the DOTLAN map of Estoria and nearly choked. Not only had they been able to defend A1-AUH while I was asleep but have forced c0ven to drop sov in 3 more systems. While right now I'm not to sure if it was us (SYS-K) or Primary or one of our other allies but the fact of the matter is that they don't own it anymore. Since .UP. has joined SYS-K this puts the total sov losses to 2 for SYS-K and 7 for c0ven.

War usually is draining on ones wallet. I am happy to say that this is not that case for me. I am currently the largest supplier for Large Trimark Armor Pumps for SYS-K and friends in Estoria. While the supplies for the rigs have slowed down (especially fried logic circuits) the demand for them has also dropped lowering my bottom line. The drop in demand for the parts is in due part that no one else seems to be selling the rigs on the open market. Because of the war and numerous battleships going pop the demand for the rigs has shot through the roof. Having the only rigs on market (excluding red stations) theoretically means I can charge anything I want for the rigs. Alas, in the interest of keeping my home and not pissing of the alliance heads I have kept my prices reasonably low compared to what I could charge for them, and if the market stays this way, I'm looking at a nice nest egg to spend once this annoying war is over.
An alliance mate of mine named manasi wrote in his blog about Stain and c0ven's recent tactics and apparent spy network.
"Please realize that I know they exist, and I would not call for their
removal from the game as the CHOICE to use them should always be there. I
and my CEPTA brethren choose NOT to use them, I used to respect C0ven and Stain Empire, I no longer do so."
While I did not know Stain and c0ven back when things were all blue, I don't think less of them using their spy network to gain real time info on our fleet and our POS passwords. In fact, I'm damned impressed. With out getting into a whole all is fair in love, war, and politics argument, I just want to say that if you had that kind of extensive and effective spy network wouldn't you use it? I sure would. Would I try and get their POS passwords and bump out their logging on and AFK battleships and capitals? You can bet every ISK you have that I would. It's a lot easier to say you wouldn't do something until you have the opportunity to do so. Just sayin.
Space is a dangerous place.
Stay frosty.

May 4, 2010

First Post

After having be a huge fan of the blog pack put together by

A few things about me:
  • I have been playing eve online for roughly two years on and off
  • I have two toons sonoftheflame and sonofthesea. Flame is mostly pvp but has a lot of other skills while sea is a salvage and hauling alt... for now
  • I'm in the alliance Systematic Chaos [SYS-K]
  • I'm middle management in the corp Ascendant. [.UP.]
  • I'm US timezone but because I'm a college student I get to take part in some euro ops

This is my first blog so bear with me as the first few weeks will be rough but it will all smooth out soon enough. I'll gladly hear any suggestions, criticisms, or ideas so feel free to comment away!

Space is a dangerous place,
Stay frosty