July 11, 2010

Hybernation sickness

Due to my work schedule and my being able to train long skills I have been next to absent in New Eden. In relative news, our corp had a parting of ways with SYS-K and Joined a younger alliance called On The Rocks (ICE). Based out of Vale of the Silent and Part of the NC, ICE is tasked with trying to keep the reds out of the region. Some times more than others though Voltron Holds the gateway system as often as we do.

In other news I was promoted to a corp director (finally) on top of my diplomatic duties as the "Night Shift Manager". In a few weeks when school rolls around again ill find my self with more time on my hands (and time to be inappropriately placed) to be more active in the "community".

My I finally got my younger brother interested in EVE and despite not being able to do much initially he seems eager and excited with each new cruiser or gun or mod he can use.

As far as as my skills go I have been doing the long training thing to finally get t2 rails, blasters, and standard missile launchers so that i can have my ideal fit for a lachisis. after that 40 or so days I'm contemplating training for the Thanatos, but who knows. As for sonofthesea has the 25ish skill training for mining barge 5 but what can you do?

Space is a dangerous place,
Stay Frosty.