October 5, 2010

Mini post #2

The one two punch of getting moved out of A8A and a massive head cold leaves me with little to talk about. maybe later this week I will come back with an interview of someone from my corp or maybe another attempt at fiction. what would you like to see? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Space is a dangerous place,
Stay frosty.

September 29, 2010

Blog Banter 21: Is low-sec Ignored?

Welcome to the twenty-first installment of the
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This month topic comes to us from @ZoneGhost who a few month ago asked "Is Low Sec the forgotten part of EVE Online?" Is it? I'd like us to explore this even further. Is Low Sec being treated differently by CCP Games than Null Sec (Zero-Zero) or Empire space is? Can one successfully make a living in these unsecured systems where neither Alliance nor Concord roam to enforce their laws? What's needed? Or is everything fine as it is?


Low sec isn't ignored, it just cant be improved (much), let me explain. High sec is like the wild west. If you kill someone the sheriff (concord) kills you. Don't like someone? grease the right palms and the sheriff will look the other way while you kick the crap outta them (war dec).

Nul sec is like the huge criminal cartels, venture in their space you get killed, large bloody battles over turf, billions of dollars in infrastructure and a few people at the top getting insanely rich. we conduct our business and kill as many as we like but are free to move in policed areas freely (high sec).

Low sec is like a third world war country. Bands of thugs (no offense my yaring friends) roam the land and not he who is most fortified but who has the more guns at the moment wins. there is only the kill in low sec and they accost innocents at any chance.

What happens if we make low sec more profitable? The wrong things. it may temp a few more carebears from empire to quickly get their noses smacked and sent back to empire. whats more likely is that the large cartels in null sec will see the opportunity for profit and will move in to take those resources. Right now low sec is doing exactly what its supposed to be, a cross roads.

tl:dr the only way to get care bears into low sec is to make it worth it, but the price to get it to be that worth it would probably just bring in the 0.0 empires.